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28 September 2010

I Love You ALL…

The title is dedicated to all the phones that I’ve been using since I was in school and in the bracket (to all my lovely friends on my blog too…hehe take advantage orang kate)

To number there are lots (for me) of phone models that I’ve been using since I had enough money to get my very first 3310 nokia model. All the pictures are taken from gsmarena.com as all of them are my precious things in the past.

These 2 are in my hand now. One for celcom n the other for maxis no.

All i can say is i like Nokia more than anything else. i juz got motorola once (L6) while i was in varsity and also csl touch screen model that i used not more than a month. For samsung or sony juz look at my frenz' phones. They are all good but i am more comfortable with nokia phone. wat about you guyz...


  1. sama la kiter kak yong, go for nokia

  2. ..apa la guna phone mahal klau prepaid xde..
    TK pun pkai nokia jugak..lasak..dh 4taun xtukar ganti..

  3. wah cik toyolkiut pun sokong nokia..tang lasak tu yang best..nokia memang mantooop la


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