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22 September 2010

Happy working mom...

This morning I woke up a bit late.. Luckily it wasn’t too late to punch in. Well may be i still couldn’t back on track yet after a very long raya breaks..wat a great heaven to be with all the family members, relatives are all around..we went for shoppin together, laughing to each other stories while chasing kids around.

Wat ever it is, life goes on. Now we are all back to normal routine life. This is the fact that everybody has to work or at least doing something to earn for the living even for the beggars. Sometimes I’m thinking of a great life to be a full time housewife. Be able to stay at home, watching for kids, prepare the dishes, cleaning the house with listening to high pitch favourite song…

But from the other side of me, I would proud of me for being a wife, a good mother (probably) to my lovely sweetie and at the same time still earning quite a good sum to support my other half for our comfort living. Well juz be grateful wit wat we had and lead the happy life..Life is too short, so live life the fullest…

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