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17 August 2010

Eat RiGht 4 Ur TyPe

AccorDinG To D’ AdaMo… B Type people need varieties in diet. They should not indulge In ChiCken coz of high chemical contents. This kind of substance can increase the chance of getting stroke, diabetes, hypertension and also muscle problems.

So D SuGgessted foods are:

1. Dairy product
2. Take up much of lamb, mutton, beef or Fish. (chicken-fav aku tak digalakkan ye… padam muka ko)
3. hAve regular Exercise or healthy lifestyle … juz like me… stuck wit my laptop all around d clock..
4. When ur having stress, pls eat fruits that can make you calm n sober or whatever like bananas, plum, watermelon n papaya…(oh…aku pun baru tau…)

The LaSt word is, if u practiced d right wat according to ur type,,, u’re welcomed to the centenarians’ club ….

1 comment:

  1. eh sama dengan aku punya darah lah...tapi aku klau bab jaga makan memang main bantai je..nway gud to know to be cautious next time..huhu


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